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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Trying to Conceive Journey

Well for those of you that don't know Anthony and I have been trying to conceive since April.  I had been on birth control for 4 yrs, and stopped taking it around the 1st week of April this year.  I was hoping since I got pregnant with Makenzie so quick that it would happen for us that quickly as well, but apparently my body has other plans.  This is going to get a little personal, but I don't mind sharing with those of you who are willing to read!

I have not had a regular cycle since stopping my birth control pills in April.  I started tracking my Basal Body Temperatures every morning in May and since then I have seen no signs of Ovulation, that is until yesterday when I plugged in my temp for the morning! I was so excited I could hardly contain!  These last 4 month have been rough for us as I have been frustrated about not ovulating and Anthony has been thinking that something is wrong with him because we weren't getting pregnant.  Now, we both understand that it can take my body a while to get back to normal after having been on birth control for so long, but it is still frustrating to the both of us as we really want another little one! We don't want Makenzie to be too much older when we have another child, and if we don't end up pregnant soon, she will be 5 or older, whenever we do have another baby.

Ok, I just wanted to share my good news of my body finally being back on track after 3 almost 4 months of worrying!

I will try to keep our blog updated more frequently and sometime this week I will add some of our professional wedding pictures for you all to see!