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Monday, January 16, 2012

Short Vent....

Ok I need to vent for like 2 seconds...

I don't understand how people can decide it's time for another baby and BAM end up pregnant on their first time trying!!! I don't think it's fair! I've been tracking my cycles, taking vitamins, trying to stay unstressed and trying to everything in my power to get pregnant and stay pregnant and it obviously isn't enough! What is enough?? When will it be my turn to have another little baby growing inside of me? I know, I know life isn't fair, but really come on! Can't I catch a break?!?!? Anthony and I want a child together so badly, I'm at the point of giving up, i'm at the point of thinking maybe I'm only supposed to have one child...who knows if this is right or not, but seriously i'm tired of trying and failing.

Ok, that's all i needed to say!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mixed Emotions...

So I don't know how to describe what i have been feeling lately.  It has been hard for me to be around people who have just had a baby or who are pregnant, or just found out that they are pregnant.  I know this sounds mean or harsh, but I feel jealous of what they have because we have not been able to successfully conceive yet.  I am so very happy for all of my friends who have just had babies and who have just gotten their Big Fat Positives, but I have wanted a baby for so long now, it just seems out of reach and I am becoming a bit depressed about the whole situation. I'm so sick of hearing when are you going to get pregnant? when are you going to try for another baby? aren't you two going to have more kids? Are you pregnant yet? You better hurry up and have another one before Makenzie gets too much older.  Really people, don't you think we migh tbe trying it's just taking us a little longer than we thought or had planned on??? Or the whole quit trying so hard and it will is there such a thing as trying TOO hard to have a baby???

I guess this is more of a vent than a post, but i'm just feeling frustrated and I have nobody to turn to, to talk about this stuff as I left the group I was in because of some negative feedback from me trying to tell them something I thought was cute. ANYWHO! I love you all who have just gotten your BFP's and who are currently preggo and who have just had your babies, i'm just super frustrated with our current situation and wish there was something we could do to make getting pregnant easier.

That is all for now!