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Monday, January 16, 2012

Short Vent....

Ok I need to vent for like 2 seconds...

I don't understand how people can decide it's time for another baby and BAM end up pregnant on their first time trying!!! I don't think it's fair! I've been tracking my cycles, taking vitamins, trying to stay unstressed and trying to everything in my power to get pregnant and stay pregnant and it obviously isn't enough! What is enough?? When will it be my turn to have another little baby growing inside of me? I know, I know life isn't fair, but really come on! Can't I catch a break?!?!? Anthony and I want a child together so badly, I'm at the point of giving up, i'm at the point of thinking maybe I'm only supposed to have one child...who knows if this is right or not, but seriously i'm tired of trying and failing.

Ok, that's all i needed to say!