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Friday, October 25, 2013

So Close but yet so far!

I am so excited for the New year to get here! I hate that time is going by so fast and that my munchkin keeps growing, BUT in January I will get to finally fulfill the one thing I have wanted since the day she was born!


Although I will still be working my Scentsy Businesses, I will get to be home with my munchkin girl on the weeks that we have her! I will get to take her to school everyday and not just on Monday's. I will get to hang out with her on her days out of school when I would usually be at work and I will have every weekend off to enjoy watching her grow and develop into the awesome little person she is becoming!

Too many things have changed and keep changing and I am just not happy there anymore. I wish that I was because my residents and co-workers are like another family and I hate to leave, but the politics and the ways our new company are just don't mesh with me!

I am blessed to have an amazing husband who realizes this job is stressing me out more than it is making me happy. He is giving me the opportunity to not only live a more stress free life, but enjoy more time with my munchkin girl. I know she may be in school all day now, but at least I get to be the one dropping her off and walking her to class everyday and not daycare!! And to know that I will get to be here for every step of the way with any other little ones we end up having thrills me to no end!!

On top of being able to stay at home I am also going to be able to start school again (hopefully if all goes as planned)! After changing my major for the millionth time I am going to pursue a degree in Business Management (and hopefully get a minor in entrepreneurship!)

Well that is all for now! Expect to hear more from me after the first of the year as I plan to take up blogging a little more!